Why Canvas

Wayne State's LMS Selection Committee was established in 2016 to formally review alternatives to Blackboard. Following an extensive review of the LMS vendor landscape, the committee initiated a formal Request for Proposal. With input from the campus community, the committee chose Canvas as the way forward for Wayne State. Throughout the entire process, the LMS Selection Committee was consistently impressed by Instructure and the Canvas product. The final scorecard showed that Canvas earned the highest overall score, as well as the highest score in each category. Our faculty & students identified several aspects of Canvas that were far superior to the other LMS options:

  • Modern, Intuitive interface: Canvas is easy to learn and use. 
  • Open-source: Canvas code can be analyzed and scrutinized by the security community.
  • Mobile Compatibility: All of Canvas is compatible with mobile devices running iOS or Android.
  • Commons: Share course materials with colleagues quickly and easily.
  • Notifications: Individual users can receive notifications via email, text or even Twitter. Instructors are not required to distribute their personal mobile phone number.
  • Community: Post and share feature ideas which are voted on and implemented by Instructure.
  • Cloud-native technology: Canvas was developed to take advantage of Amazon Web Services, much like our current Academica system. Canvas currently has the highest guaranteed uptime of any LMS (99.9% since launch).
  • App Center: Install external applications in your course as easily as using the App store.

Learn more about how Wayne State chose a new LMS at canvasproject.wayne.edu/process.

Conversion Testimonials

Wayne State's early Canvas testers are already fans of the simple interface and the powerful tools. See what a few of them had to say!

Bin Li, School of Information Sciences:

"When I heard that the university was piloting Canvas, I immediately signed up for all of my three classes. Two months into Canvas, I want to say, I LOVE it!

Canvas has made my life so much easier. All of my three classes are in one place now: all the grading, all the due dates, all student appointments are in one place. That assignment I asked a student to submit again? It appears on my To Do list when I log in, just one click away. Previously it would take me at least 6 clicks to get there!

Using a new LMS can mean more work and I need to re-evaluate the way I organize my course content. However, instead of feeling tiresome, I found the process stimulating and fun 😊."

James Thomas, College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts:

"I love this system. It totally removes the paperwork."

Faye Keys, School of Social Work:

"I really love Canvas! I like the look and feel. I especially like the Modules feature where all applicable information for a particular section of the syllabus can be grouped together. It has a clean interface, nice functionality, and is user-friendly! Also, I really enjoy the mobile app that allows me the opportunity to manage class from my mobile devices. My transition to Canvas was fun and easy!"